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The Ardèche is a unique destination that offers you countless activities and occupations of all kind ; if it is cultural, sport, handicraft or gastronomy… you only have to worry how to fill your days!

Add the many activities organized by the animation team in July and August and it makes that you will have without doubt magic souvenirs of the Ardèche!

The Ardèche between heritage and history!

Located on the edge of the Gorges de l’Ardèche, Saint Martin d’Ardèche is a village situated in the very south of the Ardèche with a Mediterranean climate, the accent of the south and where we hear the cicadas singing… If you’re looking for culture, sport activities or just want to discover new things, our campsite is a perfect base to start your journey and to visit and discover the most beautiful spots in the heart of unspoiled nature surrounding us.

The Gorges de l’Ardèche

The Gorges de l'Ardèche

The Gorges de l’Ardèche are made up of a series of gorges, forming a thirty-kilometers long canyon, ground out huge limestone rocks between Pont d’Arc (Vallon Pont D’Arc) and Saint Martin d’Ardèche. You can follow the course of the river by car and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

In the south the Gorges forms the boundary between the Ardèche department and the Gard.
There are many lookout points along the way named after the geographical position. From the Serre de Tourre you have an exceptional view over the Cevennen in direction Alès at the beginning of the Gorges until the Ranc Pointu with a view over the Aiguèze, Saint Martin d’Ardèche and even further until the Rhône and the Mont Ventoux.

(Source Wikipédia)

The sublime Pont d’Arc

The Pont d'Arc

The Pont d’Arc is protected since 1982. This natural bridge was formed by a meander, working his way through the limestone rocks, becoming the more and more impressive. The underground effects of this process, created the base of many caves in the gorges de l’Ardèche.

This geological phenomenon is rare but not unique in France or in the world. However, the other similar monuments are nowhere near as dazzling as the Pont d’Arc natural arch, which is by far the most monumental: the Pont d’Arc natural arch can be found over the Ardèche river and is 54 meters high and 59 meters long. The Pont d’Arc is also the only stone arch in France which crosses a river that is still in use.

(Source Vallon Pont d’Arc)

Heritage and villages of character


ANot far from Saint Martin d’Ardèche you can discover the landscapes and villages with outstanding character.

The middle age village of Balazuc build at the rocks above the river, the village of Labeaume nested at the lime rocks, the village of Voguë build on the base of an amphitheater or even more beautiful the village of Labastide de Virac with its 10th century castle, now museum and silk worm breeding farm… these and many more interesting spots to discover only some kilometers away from Saint Martin d’Ardèche.

European caves, hidden tresures

Aven d'Orgnac Cave

Long ago, the actual region was formed by the deepest bottom of the sea and slowly, in the course of time, by geological changes, infiltrations of water and erosion, caves were created. The Ardèche hides the most beautiful caves and avens in Europe, and a great number of them are regularly open for public.

Amongst them, a real treasure, the caves of the Aven d’Orgnac, the only cave with a label “Grand site de France”. This cave is situated about 20km from Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche. There are guided tours, a pré historic park and caving.

Chauvet Cave, centuries of history

La salle du crâne et le panneau des chevaux© S.Jaillet

Close by the majestic Pont d’Arc you find the precious Grotte Chauvet, with the oldest cave paintings in the world!

They were discovered in 1994 by 3 French speleologists. One of them called Jean Marie Chauvet.

The caves , with un unthinkable value, are named after him. Exceptional, these caves with hunderds of paintings and engravings of over 36.000 years old. In 2014 the site was added to world heritage list UNESCO.

The Grotte Chauvet 2, little sister

Le panneau des lions ®Patrick Aventurier

Because of the importance of the unique paintings and engravings discovered in the caves, it where closed nearly instantly to protect this treasure. To make it possible all the world can admire this unique collection of paintings and engravings, the caves had been closed for public immediately to protect and prevent it. But to make sure all the world can admire this treasure, it had been copied and reconstructed, only some kilometers away from the campsite. In the Chauvet 2 – Ardèche, the copies are indistinguishable from the original and are situated in a beautiful, naturel environment.

Scientists, engineers and artists have created an oustanding project. They rebuild a copie of the caves: The Caverne du Pont d’Arc, and by doning so, they have allowed people from all over the world, to see this extra ordinary collection of drawings and engravings, 20 years after the caves were discovered.

Visiting the Grotte Chauvet 2
Plan your visit on forehand, reservation is required via the official site


Ardèche practical tips

Rich in cultural and natural heritage, unique archeological excavations, typical villages and gastronomy typical for our region…
The department of the Ardèche, offers you countless interesting places to go to.

Useful addresses of Camping des Gorges!

To help tourists from all over the world, to fill their holiday, we provide a small list of good addresses to discover our region!

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